8 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Fresh and Your Employees Productive

From Recruiter - July 29, 2016

1. Start a Company Wish List

One way we keep the Doubledot Media office environment from feeling stagnant or boring is with our company wish list. Employees have a constant outlet for sharing their ideas on this communal list, and I encourage everyone to contribute. Not only do people feel more personally involved in the overall goals and success of the company, but they also tend to feel more motivated when working on projects that they suggested for the wish list. I entertain all suggestions, and together we implement the best ones.

Simon Slade, SaleHoo

2. Give Employees Something New to Do

If youre facing the issue of employee boredom, the reality of the situation is, you cant just reinvent an employees job. If you hired someone to focus on SEO and link building, then that should be 80 percent of their day. However, you can give them new stuff to work on in addition to their current tasks to help keep things fresh. It doesnt have to be 100 percent new stuff every day, but at least a portion of their day should include something new.

For example, you can give them a project that is different from what they normally do and isnt similar to their job description. Try to find a small, manageable project that will increase your employees skills and keep them engaged. Be sure that it is also beneficial to the company.

Finally, create an environment where opinions and feedback are valued. Give your employees the chance to reflect on what theyre doing and to give suggestions on how they can do it better. If you get them involved in the shaping of their positions, they will be more engaged because they will have more direct input into improving things over time.

Marc Prosser, Fit Small Business

3. Be Creative With Break Time

As employees of a digital marketing agency, our jobs can become monotonous. Multiple tweets a day, day after day, can run your usual twenty-something account manager into the ground. Therefore, creative intervals are an absolute must to ensure continued employee engagement and excitement.

The best way to keep people working creatively? Give them time to not work! Implementing mindfulness, careful breaks, and parts of the day where youre specifically not supposed to be thinking about work means that when you do need to get back to the desk, your creative juices will be flowing. It sounds counterintuitive, but 10 minutes not working will make the next 50 minutes far more effective!

Flynn Zaiger, Online Optimism Advertising

4. Let Employees Customize Their Workspaces

Recently, my company has started an initiative to pay for employees to redecorate their offices and workspaces. This initiative has been highly successful and has helped create a much more welcoming and engaging environment for the employees.

For my decorations, Ive chosen a zen theme, with a small desktop fountain, a bonsai tree, and a forest tapestry to help encourage relaxation and calmnesseven when Im putting in extra work to finish up a big project under a deadline.

In addition to helping me relieve stress at work, the ability to customize and design my workspace has shown me that my employer cares about and is invested in my well-being in the workplace. This is the first time that Ive had an employer offer an option such as this, and this small gesture goes far in keeping me engaged and active at work.

Jessi Carr, Inseev Interactive


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