How to Give Your Employees the Balance They Crave

How to Give Your Employees the Balance They Crave
From Recruiter - August 3, 2016

Some of your employees will crave balance above all else. Thoseemployeesrecognize the importance of balancing their work lives and their personal lives. They prefer to work for organizations that make work-life balance an attainable goalby supporting both the business and personal success of their employees.

How to Identify Employees Who Value Balance

There are a few characteristics that people who value balance tend to have in common:

The Pros of Having a Balance Employee on Your Team

If life is a balancing act, these employees know better than to ever tip the scales too far. Those who value balance have big personal and professional goals. They want to achieve all of these goalsand also avoid burnout.

In a tight-knit office, they might be the one who hesitates to connect with their colleagues on social media. It might be widelyknown that they have a family or a cherished past time, but they shield the details well. When it comes to those workplace perks like health initiatives or flex time, they willbe some of the first to take advantage.

The Cons of aHaving a Balance Employee on Your Team

While an employee who values balance is not necessarily less dedicated to either part of their life, chances are that when one spills into the other, they will become frustrated or stressed. Unplanned overtime or a family emergency during work hours might be enough to tip the scales they work so hard to keep even.

Why Its Important to Support YourBalance Employees


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