3 Ways to Sell Yourself in Your Executive Resume

3 Ways to Sell Yourself in Your Executive Resume
From Recruiter - August 3, 2016

I see it all the time: high-level, super-talented executives earningsix-figure salaries, leading large organizations, and making major financial impacts with mediocre (at best) resumes.


It doesnt have to be this way. Your resume should be just as impressive as your actual career. After all, it is a representation of your professional life.

Mediocre resumes happen to the best of usespecially if we never take time out of our professional journeys to reflect exactly on what makes us great.

But thats no excuse, especially not for executives. Today, it is vital to have a branded executive resume that sells your value. The job market is definitely not what it was when you first started your career and worked your way up the corporate ladder. Itsa dog-eat-dog world out there.

Okay, maybe Im being a bit dramatic but if you dont know how to play the game, youre dead in the water.

There are a multitude of ways to brand your executive resume and really sell yourself. Here are a few tips on the topic from a certified resume expert:

1. Pinpoint Your Uniqueness

Think about it: When youre hiring, yourelooking for someone special.You want that purple squirrel with aproven track record and a specific set of skills that will positively impact the business.

Well, now the tables have turned. You need to be that someone special in a hiring managers life.

Funny, isnt it?

Start by taking inventory of what youve done for your past employers. Look for trends in your career history. Perhaps youre the go-to guy (or gal) for realigning and reenergizing disjointed teams. Maybe youre theperson who can integrate technology into business operations to maximize profits.

Whatever it is, its your unique story. Once you figure it out, tie it back to what your future bosses will be looking for in a candidate. Then, infuse this message into your resume.

Master this, and everything else should fall into place. Your resume will morph into a value-based, highly focused document that sells you like hot cakes!


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