Training Might Be the Best Way to Keep Your Employees Engaged

Training Might Be the Best Way to Keep Your Employees Engaged
From Recruiter - August 4, 2016

Increased rates of job hopping and decreased rates of employee engagementpose significant challenges to employers in todays day and age, but there may be a way to combat both of these problems at once: relevant training and development.

According to a survey conducted bylearning management system (LMS)provider Bridge, training ranks highest on many employees workplace wish listshigher even than mentorships, tuition reimbursement programs, sabbaticals, and international fellowships

More than 90 percent of employees said continuous learning was important or very important to their job satisfaction, explains Jeff Weber, Bridges senior vice president of people and places. It was surprising to us that it ranked that high.

Weber also noted that 53 percent of employees said theyd be likely or very likely to leave their jobs due to insufficient or ineffective opportunities for growth and learning.

This all touches on why companies should care about training, Weber says. It impacts job satisfaction and retention.

What Do Employees Want From Employer-Sponsored Training?

Of course, employers cant expect to engage and retain employees just by throwing the occasional training bone to them. The training has to be tailored to employees needs.

Weber says that employees value training thathelps them do two things:

Related to that first point, Weber says that market dynamics and technological changes have accelerated the rate of change in many organizations. For that reason,three-quarters of respondents to Bridges survey said they were worried that their skills were not current and/or irrelevant.

Employees want to stay relevant in their skills, Weber says. They are looking for relevant, current information when they need it, [information] that will help them do their jobs better and be more successful in their careers.


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