10 Stress-Reducing Productivity Boosters You Must Try Today

10 Stress-Reducing Productivity Boosters You Must Try Today
From Recruiter - August 5, 2016

According to research, stress has a huge impact on your performanceat work. Highly stressed employees have 50 percent higher presenteeism rates, and they also take more sick days than their less stressed counterparts: 4.6 per year compared to 2.6.

Dont want to be one of the unproductive? Try one of these 10 ways to lower your stressfor your sake and the sake of your coworkers.

1. Get Away From Your Desk

You can start reducing your stress and boosting your productivity by learning to walk away from your desk once in awhile. Going for a walk has been shown to increase overall brain function by 4 percent and boost creative output by 60 percent.

To work some desk-free time into your day, consider following the 52-17 method, which is when you work for 52 minutes and take a break for 17 minutes.

Bonus: Use the 17 minutes to exercise. Take a walking meeting, invest ina FitDesk or simply climb the stairs.

2. Surround Yourself With Productive People

Ever heard the phrase, You become who you surround yourself with? Its no different at work: If you surround yourself with productive people, you are more likely to become a more productive person.

Think of a few people whose productivity you admire and make it a point to interact with them regularly. Ask questions and start conversations. Before you know it, youll find yourself picking up those positive habits you desire for yourself.

Bonus:Ask a person you admire to be your mentor. Be sure to give as much as you get in the relationship. Learn more about mentoring with these tips.

3. Create Accountability

Thanks to Gallup, weknow that only31 percent of employees are actually engaged at work. If youre a member of the unproductive69 percent, accountability can go a long way.

A few tips for increased accountability:

- Give someone permission to ask you what youve gotten done that dayand be honest with them.

- Institute a performance management system that keeps track of yourgoals and progress.

- Set tangible goals for yourself and keep tothem.

Bonus: Plan your upcoming week out on Sunday nights so you have daily duties to accomplish. This will not only help with stress management, but also give youa clear focus for each and every day.

4. Decorate the Office

Adding a littlecolor toyour office could be the very thing you need to give you that extra boost: As it turns out, colorhas a major effecton mood and productivity. Who would have thought?

Bonus: Cant redecorate? Bring in a plant. One studyfound that adding plants to the office can increase your productivity by 15 percent.

5.Try the 5 Before 11 Rule

It isnt unusual to come towork and find yourself overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. Thats where the 5 before 11 rulecomes in handy: Pick five things that you would like to accomplish before 11 AM. Make sure they are things that will make you feel productive and accomplished. That feeling will help you maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day.


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