5 Ways to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Top Millennial Talent

5 Ways to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Top Millennial Talent
From Recruiter - August 8, 2016

All companies want to hire top talent. Thats a given. But what many organizations struggle with is understanding just how to attract the best in the business. Some believe in the power of the foosball table to create a fun and relaxed work environment, while others think a standout benefits package is what new hires really want. While both are viable options that will likely attract potential talent, you may need a little more than a fun break room and a decent 401(k) package to attract the best of the best.

Weve created alist of five ways your company can stand out among the anonymous employers on LinkedIn and Recruiter to attract top millennial talent (Hint: Its all about building an inviting company culture):

1.Make Your Brand Tell a Story

Recent studies of millennial habits have shown that when applying to jobs, younger hires tend to seek out brands with good backstories. Storytelling is something that millennials crave, and working for a brand that knows how to tell a story is appealing to many.

Millennials want to feel connected to and proud of where they work, so being able to show candidates that your company is more than just a money-making moniker is necessary to attract the best of the best. Rather than working for a faceless corporation, many young hires want to work for a company with heart, a company they can put a face (or a few) to, and a company with a mission. Show candidates youre in your industry for all the right reasons by telling your companys story through your branding and your website.

2. Offer Unique Benefits

Your business may offer medical, vision, and a killer dental plan, but does all that really sound exciting to you? Most brands, large or small, offer these baseline benefits. The trick to making your brand stand above the rest is offering unique benefits that other brands may not be willing or able to cough up the cash to cover.

For a job-seeking millennial, something as simple as covering their commuter fees by paying for their monthly MetroCard or offering to reimburse a portion of their gas bill can have a huge impact. If young hires have an extra $116 per month to spend on happy hours, theyre going to be grateful. Many companies even offer their employees unlimited vacation time, rewarding employees for their year-round hard work by not putting a cap on how much time they can take off. Some say that this actually deters employees from taking more time off because theres no use it or lose it mentality, but think of how nice it would be to be able to take a summer vacation without having to plan it out by the hour.

3. Create an Open, Collaborative Environment

Many companies large and small are moving towards open office plans. Why? An open office, especially at a creative agency, allows for an open flow of communication. When given an open space for thoughts to permeate, your workers might surprise you with all the new ideas they come up with through collaboration. Plus, an open office will ensure new hires feel more welcome on their first day and less intimidated by the thought of talking to higher-ups.


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