The Art of Negotiation: 5 Steps to Getting the Salary You Deserve

The Art of Negotiation: 5 Steps to Getting the Salary You Deserve
From Recruiter - August 11, 2016

Salary negotiation early on in ones career has the potential to gain them anywhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 throughout their working life, and yet only 37 percent of millennials report ever asking for a raise. Whether thats because they got a raise before they asked for one, were uncomfortable negotiating, or dont want to seem pushy, theres a ton of money millennials are leaving on the table simply because they just didnt ask for it.

To put it simply: Milennials, if you dont ask, the answer will always be no. Similarly, if no is actually the answer, that is also the worst that can happenand with the proper approach and research to back you up, no becomes a less and less likely result.

Sitting, waiting, and wishing your boss would notice that youre feeling undervalued (or that youre absolutely crushing it) probably isnt going to get you that raise, but its a surefire way for to end up frustrated. While negotiating your salary can certainly be daunting, ending up with an unsatisfying paycheck is a lot worse. Here are a few tips that will help make the big ask a breeze:

1. Do Your Research

Decide on an appropriate salary range based on similar jobs in your geography and industry. Your target salary should fall within this range respective to your skills and relevant experience. There are many websites that provide salary information, including, PayScale, Indeed, andGlassdoor.

2. Know Your Strengths

If youre going to negotiate, prospective employers will want to know what sets you apart from everyone else and why they should invest in you. Have talking points ready that illustrate your strengths and differentiators. Make them clear and concise, and pick a few strong examples to accompany them.

3. Own It


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