Do Your Employees Hate Coming to Work? 3 Ways to Fix the Problem:

Do Your Employees Hate Coming to Work? 3 Ways to Fix the Problem:
From Recruiter - August 12, 2016

A happy employee works harder. It seems like a simple concept, but many companies struggle to createworkplaces that influence employee morale in positive ways.

Ignoring this problem is a mistake. Happy workers generate a significant return on investment. A 10 percent increase in employee engagement investments generates an additional $2,400 in profit per employee annually, according to a study by Glassdoor. So why arent more businesses focusing on keeping workers happy?

Global banking conglomerate JP Morgan Chase announced that it would raise its corporate minimum wage to increase retention and improve quality of life for its workers. Similarly, international coffee chain Starbucks recently announced a blanket raise for U.S. employees in an effort to combat low morale.

As the job market continues to tighten and the labor pool shrinks, we are seeing some companies raise their corporate minimum wages in an effort to retain employees, says Jason Guggisberg, regional vice president for staffing firm Adecco Staffing USA. Many businesses are ultimately looking at wage increases as a solution that will help them remain competitive. Similarly, many advocates of increased federal minimum wages are interested in addressing pay inequality so that workers feel more engaged.

The Quick Fix

If youve decided togive out raises as a means to improve the attitude in your workplace, talk to your employees. Be sure that a raise alone will be enough. It may be that pay isnt the only problemor possibly isnt the problem at all.

Wage increases can improve office morale when employees are disgruntled over the size of their paychecks, but employers should be cautious of larger issues that may be at play, says Guggisberg. Unmet salary expectations arent the only reason why someone decides to look for a new jobcompany culture also plays a big role in employee happiness. If culture is the problem, raising salary is only a Band-Aid solution that wont address the heart of the morale issue.

The Permanent Fix

There are other ways to improve morale around the office aside from raiseswhich is good news for those employers that cant afford blanket raises. Even better news is that addressing non-pay factors often results in longer-lasting boosts to employee engagement and happiness than the boosts caused by simple raises.


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