7 Qualities Every Freelancer Needs to Succeed

7 Qualities Every Freelancer Needs to Succeed
From Recruiter - August 16, 2016

Look at that couch. Its right there, only a few steps away. You could nap for 20 minutes. Maybe watch that movie thats been in your Netflix queue for a month. Maybe flip on the gaming console over there and check out that new game you bought. Or hey, that new novel came in the mail. Youve been waiting all summer to read it.

Some people think thats what freelancers do all dayand it probably is what some of us do. When I first left the structured nine-to-five frameworkof my editorial job a year ago, I thought for sure Id have loads of free time to do all of those things.

And you can have as much free time as you like as a freelancerif you dont want to make any money or retain any clients. If you cant accept the factthat developing a work/life balance still means you have to work, perhaps freelancing isnt for you.

Ive learned a few things as a freelance writer that Ive decided to pass on here, because this life isnt for everybody. Below are seven things youll need to be if you want to operate a successful freelance business:

1. Motivated

As a freelancer, you are your own boss. While you ultimately answer to clients if you want to get paid, the client only provides a task for you to perform. Because youre acontractor rather than an employee, its completely up to you to decide how and when your work will be done. If you have trouble getting things done without having someone to answer to, the nine-to-five grind might be more your style.

2. Able to Communicate

No matter what industry you decide to freelance in, youre going to spend a lot of time sending text messages, writing emails, and making phone calls. Because your clients have nodirect control over you, youll need to stay in touch with themso they know how your work is progressingespecially early on in the relationship. If your clients are worried that you arent making any progress or taking your assignments seriously, they may outsource the job to someone else or bring it in houseand youll find yourself out a paycheck.

3. Okay With Being Alone

You dont have to be a recluse or a loner to do freelance work, but you do need to be okay with spending a lot of time by yourself. Its just the nature of the work. This is one of the biggest struggles people who thrive oninteractions with other people face when converting to remote or freelance work.


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