5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Use Instagram Stories

5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Use Instagram Stories
From Recruiter - August 19, 2016

In todays day andage,social proof and timeliness are critical to standing out in thejob market. To make the most of your job search, you want toput your skills and career acumenwhere they will beviewed by your network, potential new connections, recruiters, hiring managers, and companies.

People have been talking about ways to use Snapchat in your job searchfor a while, and now there is a new contender in the social media world: Instagram Stories,Instagrams latest feature that is unashamedly similar to Snapchat. Employers saw Instagram as an opportunityalready, and now they see Instagram Stories as one, too.

This new feature is a big deal. If youre looking for ideas on how to stand out to employers, Ive got you! I know youre tired of waiting for responses fromjob boards or referrals from friends. A few of you have already tried Snapchat to create stronger online presencesand thats a good thing! Here are some reasons why you should also add Instagram Stories to your arsenal of job search tools:

1. More Variety of Content on One Platform

Your reach with Instagram was already more substantive than your reach with Snapchat before Instagram Stories arrived. Now, you have the chance to weave pictures and videos together into a custom story for your audience.

As ajob seeker, you can alter, add, or omit content relevant to who engages with you, and you can respond to people in a timely and customized way. If you noticea recruiter or employer responding to yourstory or message, you have anopportunity to demonstrate your skills or entertain questions about your experience.

2. More Measurable Engagement

Snapchat lacks metrics. In fact, it doesnt provide anything useful. Instagram Stories are far more useful, especially for altering your content based on views and likes. A job seeker can easily make a Frequently Asked Questions video, schedule it,postimages promoting it, and release the it on the same platform.

Comments are instantly visible, and you can easily respond to them throughout a single thread. Hashtags are the key to increasing reach, and the possibilities are endless. You can also repost the same content multiple times in a day, unlike Snapchat.However, your stories will go away in 24 hours, so keep that in mind.

3. Your Community Is Ready and Willing on Instagram

My bet is you have more followers on Instagram than on Snapchat, correct? If you wereon Instagram in the day or two after the Instagram Stories were announced, you likely noticed that it wasnt long before peoplewere testing and adapting the featureand they did that more quickly than they did on Snapchat, right?

People love familiarity, and when you add a new element to an already useful platform, its unlikely users will go elsewhere. We saw that when Facebook Live stole Periscopes video mojo. Those who are new to video will likely try Instagram Stories before YouTube, Periscope, or yes, Snapchat.


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