5 Community Outreach Initiatives That Will Help You Develop Your Future Workforce

5 Community Outreach Initiatives That Will Help You Develop Your Future Workforce
From Recruiter - August 23, 2016

Many employers across industriesare concerned that the candidatescoming to them are not prepared to do the work their companies need done. If you are not doing one or all of the following activities in your community and workplace, you have only yourself to blame for the poor state of your workforce.

Step up to develop your communitys youth and your future workforce will improve.

1. Support After-School Programs

After-school programs are expanding to cover awide variety of activities and skills. Programming, pubic speaking, salesmanship, leadership, and other critical skillsare often taught byclubs that you could support. For example, robotics clubs can teach students about problem solving, critical thinking, and other valuableaptitudes. As an employer, you should volunteer your companys time, expertise, materials, funds, or space to these developmental wonderlands.

Cant find a program in your area that fits your needs? Help start one. The kids are hungry for them.

2. Internships

Internships provide many benefits to interns and employers alike. The exploration of an industry or a type of jobcan inspire a young persons future career and education decisions. The opportunity to work alongside adults teaches students about acceptable workplacebehavior before they make mistakes in their first real jobs.

You can use internships as a type of try-before-you-buy extended interview process. You can turn that superstar intern currently working for you into your next great hire as soon as they graduateway before any of your competitors learn about their skills.

If you want to make the most of an internship program, pay your interns! Just do it. If you cannot afford to give your interns regular paychecks, pay them via scholarship or, at the vary least, make sure they get school credit for their time with you.

3. Scholarships (Theyre Not Just for College Students)

If the local school system is not developing enough qualified young people for your industry, or if competitors and/or bigger companies are getting all the best candidates, scholarships may be the answer you seek.

Scholarships can help students take on education paths they otherwise couldnt afford to explore. Their new education paths can lead to undergraduate degrees, advanced degrees, technical training, or industry certifications. This buildsa talented pipelinethat feedsdirectly into your workforce.


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