10 Ways to Control Your Nerves During Job Interviews

10 Ways to Control Your Nerves During Job Interviews
From Recruiter - August 23, 2016

Have you ever been so nervous during an interview that you temporarily forgot your name or your previous title? It happens.

Have you ever been so nervous that you couldnt keep that cup of water you were holding from shaking? Thathappens, too.

Have you ever been so nervous that youjust couldntshut up? Oh yeahit happens.

The fact is most people are nervous during job interviewsand some more sothan others. Howdoyou keep your nerves under control? Here are ten of my best tips:

Before the Interview

1. First, you must understand that its natural to be nervous before and during an interview.

Nervousness can overcome anyone, even the most qualified of people. Even if you are a perfect candidate, you should expect some butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, and dry mouth.

2. Call it what it is.

The interview is nothing more than a meeting between youthe sellerand the interviewerthe buyer. Erase the word interview from your mind. I trytouse the word meeting insteadandyou should, too.

Both parties have something at stake. Youre trying to sell your product, and the interviewer is trying to buy the best possible product to earn the company more income, increase productivity, save time, and fulfill a number of other needs.

3. Be as prepared as you can be.

Youve heard this many times before, and if youre smart, youve done something about it. Youneed toresearchthe job. You should know the description and responsibilities by heart.The same goes for the company.

You must go beyond the cursory reading of the job description and company website. Talk with someone at the company, if possible.If youre on LinkedIn, peruse the profiles of the people who will be interviewing you.

4. Practice.

Professional athletes dont head onto the fieldwithout practicing in between games. Most athletes train six hours a day or more. The same applies to the pre-meeting.

Holding some mockinterview meetingsor even practicing your answersto questions in front of the mirror are great ways toreduce yournerves.

5. Get a good nights sleep.

As basic as it mayseem, being well-rested is essential for reaching peak performance. Ask any athlete.

Remember the days when you crammed for high school or college exams, trying to mash all that information into your head in one night? Didnt work too well, did it? Same goes for the meeting. Do your research over two, three, even four days. Youll retain the information better.

During the Interview


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