The Top 5 Industry Fields for Freelancers

The Top 5 Industry Fields for Freelancers
From Recruiter - August 24, 2016

They set their own schedules. They do things their own way. They have no commute. They often make more money than you do for similar work, and they sometimes do it in their underwear.

Were talking about freelancers. Independent work is the latest craze in the American workforce, with about34 percent of workersengaging in some sort of freelance work.

The way we define work is continuing to change, and freelance work is increasinglyand deservedlybeing taken seriously as a viable, professional career option, says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of FlexJobs, a company that aimsto connect freelancers with reliable remote work. Freelance jobs can be a win-win for both companies and professionals, as [they] help companies connect to the best talent for their projects and manage their staffing commitments in a more nimble way, while in turn allowing professionals to have more control over their careers, schedules, and workloads.

And while freelancing isnt just for writers and photographers anymore, that doesnt mean you can freelance in any old career field.Those seeking to cash in on the freelance trend should pay close attention to the followingfive areas in which freelancersare heavily in demand, according to FlexJobs:

1. Medical and Health

In the age of technology, counselors, doctors, and nurses cangive advice through online chats or via on-call phone numbers. In addition, many medical facilities hire freelancers to fill in temporarily, work long-term on site, or provide training to employees.

Freelance positions hired: Clinical psychologist, medical coder, clinical nurse

Companies hiring: Carolinas Healthcare System, Altegra Health, Calian

2. Education

Online colleges, high schools, and tutoring sites have taken off over the last decade. Those who are struggling to find positions in brick-and-mortar classrooms might have more luck withfreelance teaching gigs on the Internet.

Freelance positions hired: Virtual teacher, adjunct faculty, instructional designer

Companies hiring: Achieve Test Prep, K12, Edmentum

3. Project Management

Its notunusual for major corporations to hire experienced freelancers to manage large projects. Skilled managers looking for a little more flexibility and work/life balance might have some success in this area.


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