6 Tips on Crafting a Talent-Winning Employer Value Proposition

6 Tips on Crafting a Talent-Winning Employer Value Proposition
From Recruiter - August 25, 2016

1. Be Unique and Authentic

Is your job description high-level HR fluff, or does it proactively address the questions a candidate is going to want to know? What makes your companys product or service unique? What is making your company successful?

Does the description sound like its coming from a real person? Heres a test: Read one of your current company job descriptions out loud. Now, would you say the same thing to someone in person sitting across the table?

Paul Freed, Herd Freed Hartz

2. Focus on What Inspires Your Workforce

Whatever you do, dont craft an employer value proposition to attract talent. EVPs, like corporate mission statements, tend to be full of professional jargon that isnt very inspirational. Instead, start by asking employees what makes them want to get up every morning to get to work. (Side note: If they say they dont want to get out of bed but need the paycheck, you have bigger work to do.)

Do they get to help people? Do employees get to work on awesome projects they brag about to friends? Is the CEO a former soccer player, and do most employees spend lunchtime playing full-field, club-level soccer? Do 50 percent of all profits get distributed to employees as a bonus every quarter? Use the things that inspire existing employees to attract new talent. This is a double bonus. You wont attract just any talentyoull attract exactly the type of talent that is looking for the experience your company offers. They will be more likely to stay and be productive after they are hired.

Oh, and after youve created your list of reasons employees get out of bed every day, you can call it an employer value proposition if you want.

Joe Weinlick, Beyond

3. Talk to Your Employees

A great way to determine your employer value proposition, especially for smaller companies, is to have a meeting with your team to discuss their personal values, what attracted them to your company in the first place, the vibe they want for the workplace, and the company culture. Compiling these values and deciding which ones you want to highlight will help attract candidates with similar values and strengthen your company culture and EVP.

Paul Murskov, HireKeep

4. Test Your EVP in the Market

Plenty of data today suggests that people want to do inspired work more than they want to be well compensated, so test your value prop. in the market. See if people are applying for a position with your company because you offer the opportunity to work on something meaningful.

Taylor Wallace, WeVue

5. Make It a Part of Your Yearly Review Process

Your employer value proposition doesnt exist unless you commit it to paper. Incorporate it into your yearly review process to learn more about your company culture and how youre attracting talent.


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