Your Ultimate Guide to Social Recruiting Tactics

Your Ultimate Guide to Social Recruiting Tactics
From Recruiter - August 26, 2016

Social recruiting has become a wonderful way to attract millennial talent. Many companies have found that their most-skilled prospects dont utilize traditional job-searching technologies or methods anymore, and recruiters everywhere have been trying to creatively strategize alternative ways to attract these candidates. Social media has turned out to be a keyto doing just that.

With that in mind, here are some excellent social recruiting strategies to help you find those elusive candidates you need:

1. Set Up Social Media Profiles for the CEO and Upper Managers

Prospective, well-educated millennial candidateshover around the top universities and the most influential leaders in their fields. This is why yourcompanys top executives and managersshould maintainactive social media accounts from which theypost sophisticated articles relating to the industry and to the business world in general. Millennial talent will start to congregate around these leaders, and once you have built a following, you can start to post job announcements via social media and recruit candidates from among your C-suites followers.

2.Mine Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn is a great resourcebecause it allows youto use the connectivity and notoriety of your upper-level managers in order to build connections. You can either use theLinkedIn Recruiter tool or just have your companysmanagers and executives post jobs from their accounts. This will allow you to directly access a very talented pool of applicants who are already interested in your company, eliminatingthe needto call in (and pay for) third-party recruiting services.

3. Befriend the CareerCounselor

Dont make the mistake of not investing in your local universities. There is great potential to attract both local and foreign applicants through these institutions. Byworking with the counselors at collegecareer centers, youll be able to access a number of talented students who could one day become your employees.

The careercounselors willlikely know the students areas of focus and thekinds of positions they are looking for, so all you need to do is make sure you tailor your job announcements to their interests. Then, work with the career center tospread those announcementsaround via the schools social media profiles.


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