The Secret to Better Hires Might Just Be Digital Immersion

The Secret to Better Hires Might Just Be Digital Immersion
From Recruiter - August 31, 2016

The recipe for success for companies today is to build the absolute most talented teams they can, says Karl McDonnell, CEO of continuing education provider Strayer Education.

Thats a sentiment Im sure we can all get behind. So, too, is this one, also from McDonnell: Many companies struggle with hiring good people, particularly companies in industries with high turnover rates and large, multisite locations.

McDonnell is talking about industries like retail, hospitality, and food and beverage, where youre hiring tens of thousands of people a year and have turnover rates in excess of 75 percent quite often, but the difficulty of finding and retaining the right talenthitsemployers across industries.

How do we tackle the problem?According to a 2014 Harris Interactive survey commissioned by Glassdoor, the best way to make better hires and reduce turnover (which would also meanmaking hires less often) is to give candidates a clearer picture of what to expect about working at the company before taking the job. A clearer picture would allow candidates to self-select out of jobs that arent right for them. This would increase a companys likelihood of hiring a candidate who fits, and it would reduce the likelihood of new hires leaving early in their tenure because theyve realized the job they took isnt a match for them.

McDonnell agrees: Our research shows that you could dramatically reduce both mishires and turnover if both the employer and the employee went through a mutual screening process before a person is even interviewed.

Thats why Strayer Education has introduced PathBoost, an online skills training platform that helps candidates learn the job-specific skills needed to land a position prior to applying and helps employers screen and train applicants prior to being hired.

Calling it an online experience that is designed to provide a job applicant with a realistic overview of both the company and the role they are applying for, McDonnell believes that PathBoost can be the first step in helping organizations hire better people and an impactful extension of an employers brand.

How It Works

Organizations that use PathBoost will have buttons on their career pages. Once a candidate clicks the button, theyll start by building a virtual resume. They can either import their LinkedIn profile or manually fill out the digital document.

Next, the candidate will be taken to a series of videos that will give them an overview of the company, the role, and the industry.

So, lets say Im applying to be a retail store clerk, McDonnell explains. The first thing I do is learn about the industrywhat are the basics of retail, what does it mean to merchandise, why is it important to move a register queue quickly, and so on.

Next, the candidate will learn about the company, including everything from high-level mission statements and core values to the nitty-gritty of how often they can expect their paychecks to arrive.

Theyll also get a realistic job overview, McDonnell adds.


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