7 Entrepreneurs Talk About the First Hires They Ever Made – and Why

7 Entrepreneurs Talk About the First Hires They Ever Made – and Why
From Recruiter - September 1, 2016

1. I Hired One of My Friends

Hiring the first employee is an important event for a every startup. Until that moment, all the employees (A.K.A., founders) have had strong personal commitments to and passions for the company and product.

This first employee will soon hold and push forward a meaningful part of your company. For that reason, you need to be 100 percent sure that this person has the same amount of commitment and passion, rather than skills or knowledgeand these are not easy things to verify.

This is why we decided that our first employee had to come from our circle of friends. Your friends are the people you know the best. Your friends will be committed to the company and moreover, to you. Your friends are already there for you when you need them, and you can trust they will do the same when your business needs them.

Ilit Raz, Joonko

2. I Hired Someone With a Can-Do Attitude

The first Pagezii employee that came on board was in our marketing department. Because we are a cloud-based SaaS startup, I wanted a candidate that would not only bring digital marketing savvy to the table, but also be an all-rounder to take on new, emerging challenges.

When I interviewed our first batch of employees, they werent the most experienced or skilled candidates, but I was willing to overlook those limitations in exchange for a can-do attitude. At a startup, we need individuals who are results-oriented and know what needs to be done today in order to reach our business goals for tomorrow.

Zaki Usman, Pagezii Marketing

3. I Hired the First Person I Could Find

I cringe when I think about my first hire. It was 12 years ago. I was young and didnt have much to offer, yet I somehow lured a young talented man to leave his similar job and come work for me in my small home office.

I needed someone who was better than me to offset my workload. He was a Web designer, and what drew me to him was his skill set and the experience he had working in the industry. I thought I could leverage him to help propel my companyand I did. I didnt have a large pool of prospective employees knocking down my door, so I felt fortunate he wanted to take a chance on me. I didnt even interview anyone else.

Today, I definitely have more of a process, but I still look for experience and skill set over anything else.

Kornel Kurtz, WebTek

4. I Hired an Expert

My first hire was the single most important hire I have ever made. It saved me time and money. I was struggling to balance everythingthe finances, the planning, the design, the meetings, traveling up and down the UK, etc. My biggest time-eater was the running and management of social media accounts, which is critical in my business. I worked out that every day I was spending five hours on social media, mainly late at night and early in the morning.

I realized that if I could hire someone for 100 hours a month, that would cover all the social media work I was doing. A chance meeting with a client introduced me to a lady who had an established freelance business managing the clients accounts. I asked her to review my media and give me a quote. To my surprise, she came back with 40 hours a month and added a few more channels in that.

Shes been with me ever since and has grown our social media presence to more than 600,000 impressions a month. Sometimes, its just better to let the experts do it.


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