To Ace the Interview, Conjure the 'Ghost' in the Interview Room

To Ace the Interview, Conjure the 'Ghost' in the Interview Room
From Recruiter - September 1, 2016

Shakespeares Macbeth is, in part, a story about how the ghosts of our pasts drive our futures. The titlecharacter is given a prophecy by three witches. They may or may not be real. Macbeth sets about to makethis prophecy come true bykilling Duncan, the king of Scotland, and Banquo, Macbeths rival.

The murders are accomplished; the prophecy is fulfilled. Macbeth arranges a lavish feast to celebrate histriumph.

As he enters the banquet hall, Macbeth spots the ghost of Banquo staring at him.No one in the room but Macbeth sees the ghost.

At first, Macbeth tries to ignore the ghost. Then he gets distracted by it. Finally, Macbeth is consumedby the ghost. He runs screaming out of the banquet hall.

Becausethe guests never see the apparition, Macbeths behavior seems irrational to them.

Banquos Ghost and Your Professional Life

Now, lets examine how Banquos ghost impacts your professional life. You are about to walk into aninterview room with a mission: secure an agreement that will benefit you.

You only seeone person in the room.

You are mistaken.

Like Macbeths guests at the feast, you are unable to see the ghost that haunts the decision-maker.

Your task is to conjure up that ghost. You can easilydo soby asking a variation of asimplequestion:

Asking this kind of question does two things for you: Itmoves the conversation to a positive theme, and it allowsyou to align yourself with the ghost.

Positive Psychology


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