Recruiter Top 10: Recruiting Resources for Entrepreneurs

Recruiter Top 10: Recruiting Resources for Entrepreneurs
From Recruiter - September 2, 2016

1. VentureStorm

Its 2016. The overwhelming likelihood is that your startup needs at least one software developer on staff.

And theres no better place to find that developer than VentureStorm, which exists solely to connect entrepreneurs with developers. All of the developers on VentureStorm are people who want to be working in startups. They know what theyre in for, and theyre ready to face the unique challenges that come with trying to build a new product from scratch.

This is a blessing for entrepreneurs: a wealth of available developers, all specifically looking for the inimitable startup environment. You wont have to worry about your new hire heading for the hills because they couldnt hack it.

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2. LinkedIn Recruiter

Everywhere you look, LinkedIn is there. After a while, you just get so used to its constant presence in your professional life. It blends into the background like a bland wallpaper. You overlook it completely.

But thats a mistake. As CEO and cofounder of SaleHoo Simon Slade can attest, LinkedIn can actually be a very valuable recruiting tool for entrepreneursespecially if they spring for the Recruiter subscription.

I use LinkedIn Recruiter to consistently monitor the field for potential new hires, Slade told us. Because I allow telecommuting in my company, I can select the best talent anywhere in the worldbut the best talent is snatched up fast, making quick recruiting essential. LinkedIn Recruiter keeps me connected and helps me react fast to new prospects.

If you think LinkedIn is nothing but Facebooks sleep-inducing cousin, you may want to think again.

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3. AngelList

AngelLists tagline is Where the world meets startups. It would be a pretty big oversight on our part not to list it here. If you want a job at a startup, or you want to post your startups job opening, or your startup needs money, or you want to invest some of your money in a startup, you go to AngelList.

AngelList was the most commonly cited resource of all among the people we talked to for this list. Hiretual CMO and cofounder Ninh Tran told us he likes AngelList because its full of talented people who are startup-friendly or who want to join a promising startup.

Meanwhile, Tenfold CEO Patrick Hogan praised AngelLists very entrepreneur-friendly prices: The tool is free to use, which is always beneficial for a budget-conscious startup.

Plenty of others joined in on the love for AngelList, too, which is a pretty good sign that it may be just what you need.

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4. TalentDash

Startups are agileand that agility should extend to their recruiting and hiring processes. They should be able to find the talent they need quickly and efficiently.

TalentDash is great for that purpose. You describe your company, the kind of talent you need, and where you need it, and TalentDash generates a talent heat map. That map shows you hot spots where large numbers of candidates are locatedas well as competitor companies that you should keep your eye on (and maybe consider poaching from).

With TalentDash, you dont waste time looking for where your candidates are hanging outyou get that information right away, which enables you to make quicker and more informed decisions about your recruiting strategies.

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5. Use Email Filters

Ed Brancheau, CEO of Goozleology Digital Marketing shared a dastardly little trick he uses with us, and we just have to share it with you, too:

At the start of the application process, I give a simple instruction to all applicants: Copy and paste the quote, Yippee! Im extremely interested in interviewing for your position, and place it at the very beginning of your email cover letter.

If they dont copy and paste that line exactly as it is, my email filter simply deletes the application. If they copy and paste the linewhich has extra spaces between the words your and position to stop them from typing the response, then the application gets forwarded to me.

I do this because I want to hire smart people who can follow simple instructions, and this process weeds out 90 percent of applicants. Since Ive implemented this little tool, I have not hired one poor employee. Theyve all been amazing.


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