TAtech Tip: Run Toward, Not Away From, 'Workmageddon'

TAtech Tip: Run Toward, Not Away From, 'Workmageddon'
From Recruiter - September 9, 2016

Theres been no end to the commentary about the impending arrival of workmaggedonthe end of work as we know it. Every day there is another article, news report, or blog post on the relentless spread of machines in the workplace and their ability to take on more and more of the tasks we humans have historically performed.

Some see this development as a disaster. After all, if youre a junior lawyer, journalist, bank teller, or manufacturing worker, it means you now have far fewer employment opportunities. In effect, your sense of security and confidence in the future have been outsourced to a bunch of wires and code masquerading as a cloud from some distant industrial park.

Others, however, have a different experience. At least for the moment, workmaggedon is a boon for them. It means the end of work they have neither the time nor the ability to do well. Whats been outsourced in their case is frustration and stress.

Thats what the advent of programmatic ad buying offers recruiters. It eliminatessome impossible requirements they used to buckle under, including:

- perfect information about the capabilities and track record of 100,000+ job boards and other employment sites;
- the skills to select and post at those sites that are likely to generate the best results at the lowest price for each and every opening;
- real-time information about the performance of their ads on each of the job boards theyve selected;
- and the ability to make real-time adjustments in ad placement and spending so as to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

In programmatic ad buying, a machineor more precisely, the amalgamation of data, analytics, and softwaredoes all of that for them.

Heres How It Works:

You write a compelling ad about the opening you are trying to fill. Note: No technology is powerful enough to overcome the impact of a job posting with all the appeal of crabgrass.

Next, you post that well-written ad to a programmatic ad buying network. Such networks offer performance-based advertisinga per-per-click or pay-per-applicant spending modelacross hundreds or even thousands of sites.


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