5 Simple Resume Tricks to Get You More Interviews

5 Simple Resume Tricks to Get You More Interviews
From Recruiter - September 12, 2016

Whether youre in the middle of a job hunt or planning to start onesoon, there are a few resume changes you should make if you want to immediately stand out and get more interviews.

Read through the steps below and use this as a checklist to make sure your resume is doing as much as possible to help you get hired!

1. Simplify the Formatting

The average corporate job receives around 250 applications,which means hiring managers look through a lot of resumes each day. Unless youre an artist or graphic designer, youre going to see better results with a simple resume that leaves out the fancy formatting. Instead of trying to impress an employerwith design, makeyour resume straightforward and easy to read. Impress them with your content.

Here are some general design guidelines:

Do a final check tomake sure your resume is easy on the eyes and has a natural flow as you scan down the page. You should have a larger header followed by smaller content. Repeat this pattern and keep it predictable so that a hiring manager can quickly make sense of your skills and background.

2. Use Numbers and Statistics Whenever Possible

Now that your formatting is set, you need great content to impress anyone who picks up your resume. Numbers and statistics are thebest way to capture attention,and the easiest way to work them inis right in your bullet points.

Heres how the average bullet point might read: Responsible for handling inbound customer requests, conducting prompt follow up, and ensuring customer happiness.

Heres how a great, data-driven bullet point would read: Responded to 60+ inbound customer requests per day, following up within one hour and achieving a customer satisfaction rate of 97.8 percent.

You can use percentages, time periods, dollar amounts, rankings, and much more!


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