Learn to Use Strong Language at Work

Learn to Use Strong Language at Work
From Recruiter - September 14, 2016

Have you ever noticed that some people command respect when speaking while others dont? It all comes down to the power of strong language.

Strong language is the difference between telling your boss that you need the day off and asking if it would be possible to take the day off. While its neverokay to disrespectyour superiors, it is important to take charge and act on what you need.

The power of strong language can be a hard concept to graspand even harder to implement if you arent used to actively telling people how you feel and what you need. However, once you have learned how to use strong language in your professional life, youll see an immediate and noticeable difference in how others treat you. If you draw clear boundaries every time you speak, people will have a much harder time taking advantage of you.

Strong Language inAction

Assume you are a manager. Think about how you would react if someone asked you this: Can I take the day off? If its too busy or you cant make it work, thats fine.

This statement implies that the person would like the day off but doesnt care much about it. You may decide that it isnt worth going out of your way to make it work for them. You would probably check what the schedule looks like for that day before letting your employeeknow if they could take the day off or not.

Now, think about how you would respond if an employee said the following instead:I need to take this day off because I have a personal obligation to tend to.

Chances are that you would react very differently.

When you make a statement instead of posing a question, people tend to accept it instead of questioning it. When youtell someone that you need to take the day off for personal reasons, you are activelytelling them the situation instead of passively asking if the situation is possible.This leaves them littlechoice but to accept the statement or put up a fight about it. Most employers would rather not start the fight. Theyll understand if you need to take a day off here or thereprovided you give ample notice, of course.

Saying No: Strong Language Is the Key


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