5 Traits That Would Make this CEO Hire You

5 Traits That Would Make this CEO Hire You
From Recruiter - September 15, 2016

I have spent a lot of time sifting through resumes and online profiles in search of the perfect people to join my company. As the owner of three online businesses, I manage a team of 29 staff24 of whom are remote employees based all over the world. Since I opened up my company to remote hires, my pool of applicants has grown exponentially. This has not only given me access to the worlds best talent in my field, but has also unfortunately exposed me to a slew of poor candidates.

I am very selective in my hiring. There are a few qualities and behaviors that are major sellers for me and many other business owners. Read on to find out what would make meand probably most other CEOs hire you.

1. An Impressive (and Active) LinkedIn Account

I rely heavily on LinkedIn Recruiter to keep me up to date on potential hires in the field. If I find a profile that interests me, I use LinkedIn Recruiter keep an eye on the personeven if they are currently employedwith the hopes of developing a relationship.

In this day and age, there is no excuse for anything but a current, thorough, and creative online resume. LinkedIn is a massive resource that many business owners and CEOs use to access new talent. If you are looking for work, you need to make your presence (and skills) known on this network.

But a word of warning: An outdated, inactive LinkedIn profile is worse than no profile at all. LinkedIn is not meant to be a static resume. The platform provides an opportunity for updates and sharing, which you should be taking advantage of regularly. If I see a candidate stays apprised of the industry and is posting relevant, thoughtful commentary on trends, Im always intrigued. This exemplifies motivation and creativity, two highly desirable traits in a potential employee.

So, not only do you need to have a LinkedIn profile, you need to use it properly. If youre not quite sure how to do that, check out these tips from Forbes on how to use LinkedIn in your job search.

2. Eagerness to Participate in a Trial Project

I am passionate about trial projects for potential employees. Trial projects are representative of the responsibilities that a candidate will be entrusted with, and they usually require some degree of problem-solving. This exercise provides potential hires with an opportunity to display their abilities, skills, and talent for devising innovative solutions.

While theproject itself provides an opportunity for me to assess a candidates skills, the candidates reception of the project allows me to assess their attitude. Reluctance to participate in a trial project is a major red flag. A candidate should be thrilled about an opportunity to show me what they can do, rather than apprehensive about spending time on something that might not get them the job. They should be confident that when I see them in action, Ill want them on my team. Anything less than eagerness for a trial project is unacceptable.

3. Clear Communication


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