How to Properly Vet Applicants Who Have Gig Experience

How to Properly Vet Applicants Who Have Gig Experience
From Recruiter - September 16, 2016

When recruiters and hiring managers review a candidates work history, they can typically get a pretty good idea of what the applicant is capable of just byanalyzing their previous jobs.

However, with nearly 16 percent of the U.S. workforcecurrently employed in the series of remote, freelance, temporary, and contract positions that collectively comprise the gig economy, many resumes are starting to get a little fuzzier.

Sometimes gig work is incredibly specific. Sometimes its really vague.Even if a candidate puts a list of clients on their resume, its still difficult for hiring managers to figure out exactlywhat kind of work the candidatehas done.

In these situations, instead of looking for job titles and length of time at previous employers, hiring managers and recruiters need to look a little deeper to get a sense of who the candidate is and what their skills are.

Look beyond attributes like education and communication skills, and drill deeper to uncover attributes that indicate performance: judgment, autonomy, and cultural fit, says Don Charlton, founder and chief product officer at Jazz, a recruiting software firm.

Because these attributes can be difficult to assess on any resume or cover letterespecially for candidates who have engaged in a lot of contingent workCharlton recommends that recruiters and hiring managers look for patterns on paper that match the job description for the position [they are]hiring for and [the]companys culture.

Charlton also says that recruiters and hiring managers can use the interview process to determine candidate fitas long as they ask the right questions.

Before the interview begins, look at your current top performers to understand what other performance attributes drive your companys culture and be sure to interview for those attributes, Charlton says.Drill deeper to uncover the performance indicators judgement, autonomy, fitand aptitude for creativity, integrity, and innovation.

Make Use of Technology to Screen Gig Workers Further

New technologies have been paving the way forward for recruiters and hiring managers for many years, but they are particularly important when it comes to assessing gig workers.

Recruiters should become familiar with assessing candidates online footprints, Charlton says. Do they have an online brand? Does their LinkedIn profile offer more context to the skills they list on their resume? Do they contribute valuable or interesting ideas to conversations on Twitter or other platforms?


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