7 Research-Backed Tips for Improving Your Diversity Recruitment

7 Research-Backed Tips for Improving Your Diversity Recruitment
From Recruiter - September 16, 2016

Workplace diversity is no longer just a feel-good concept or compliance issue. Companies are catching onto diversitys bottom-line benefits, including increased productivity, innovation, and sales revenue. For example, research has found that every 1 percent increase in racial diversity correlates with a 9 percent increase in sales revenue.

This means diversity recruitment has become a top priority for recruiters these days. A SHRM survey found that 57 percent of HR professionals say their recruiting strategies are designed to attract diverse candidates.

Successfully marketing to and attracting diverse candidates is becoming a competitive differentiator for recruiters. A Glassdoor survey found that 67 percent of active and passive job seekers said that diversity is an important factor when considering companies and job offers.

However, good intentions arent enough to move the needle. Recruiters need both organizational support and proven strategies to increase their workplace diversity.

Here are seven research-based tips for improving your diversity recruitment efforts:

1. Hack Your Job Postings

Employers often fail to realize every job posting is part of their employer brand. A CareerBuilder survey found that a bad job posting is the third most important factor that causes job seekers to have a negative perception of a company. This means your job posting should be considered a part of your recruitment marketing.

If your goal is to increase your diversity recruitment, research has found that the language you use in your job description makes a difference. For example, to attract more female candidates, you should avoid using too many masculine-type words (e.g., ambitious, dominate, challenging) in your job description because they tend to put women off. Instead, you should include more feminine-type words (e.g., committed, trust, dependable).

A Software Advice survey found that 51 percent of job applicants are more attracted to a company whose job postings containimages and videos. An easy way to showcase the diversity of your employeesor the workplace diversity you aspire to achieveis through a media-rich company page with images and videos that demonstrate your company culture, your leadership, and your top performers.

A great example of a company with compelling job descriptions that showcase itsdiversity and culture is educational software startupTop Hat.

2.CraftWorkplace Policies Consistent With Diversity Recruitment

Another easy way to improve your diversity recruitment is to offer the workplace policies that are most attractive to diverse candidates.

A PwC survey found that millennials value work/life balance more than older generations. McKinsey found that the top workplace policy that women are attracted to is a flexible schedule. Research has found a strong predictor that someone will quittheirjob is a long commute, and distance from downtown office locations is often correlated with more diverse neighborhoods.

Byoffering flexibility such as work from home options and flexible work hours, you not only attract more diverse candidates, but alsoprevent expensive turnover.

3.Use a Pre-Hire Assessment

A valid and reliable pre-hire assessment is a great unbiased tool formeasuring candidates personalities, knowledge, and skills.

Personality assessments in particular work to increase workplace diversity because they lack adverse impact (i.e., scores dont differ for minority group members). A study found that companies thatuse personality assessments in their recruitment processes had more racially diverse workforces.

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