3 Ways to Hire and Retain the Best Employees

3 Ways to Hire and Retain the Best Employees
From Recruiter - September 19, 2016

Everywhere you look, employers are complaining about their inability to find qualified applicants for critical positions. But the whole situation is rather ironic: There are 10+ million workers who cant find jobs, but employers report they cant find employees.

The key to understanding this shortage is the word qualified. When employers say they cant find qualified applicants, they dont just mean they cant find applicants who are educated and trained. They also mean they cant find applicants who have the right character.

As one employer told me, they cant find workers who can meet all three necessary conditions:

Today, I want to help those of you who are in the same boat. Here are three suggestions that will, over time, help you solve the talent shortage problems you face:

1. Keep the Good Employees You Already Have

We know for certain that staff turnover is one of the highest nonproductive costs to employers. The cost of lost productivity, damaged customer relationships, finding replacements, training new employees, and the impact on others in the organization is huge. We also know that one of the most influential factors in an employees decision to leave or stay is how valued and appreciated by their supervisors and colleagues they feel.

Stop the revolving door through which many have exited. You know the positions or areas at your company that see the highest turnover. Analyze the situation. Figure out what is wrong. Why are people leaving? Then, support, encourage, and show appreciation to those who work in, around, and with those positions and areas.

For more info on engaging employees, check out my video, Why Employee Engagement Isnt What You Really Want:

2.Train Employees Who Have Potential But Need to Grow


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