Think Your MBA Will Get You Hired? Think Again!

Think Your MBA Will Get You Hired? Think Again!
From Recruiter - September 21, 2016

Ive seen it so many times: When the going gets tough, people resort to the traditional meansof adding more credentials and qualifications to their resumes.

Before you do it, too, you need to seriously ask yourselfwhy.Is this just your way of trying to look more attractive to hiring managers, or is it for youbecause you want to do this? There is a difference, and if you want to do this for yourself, then go for it!

However, if you think extra credentials aregoing to save you from unemployment or be enough on their own to get a job, you should know that maynot be the case!

Those fancy LinkedIn profiles make me laugh. People can talk all day about the Ivy League colleges theywentto, but these types of profiles do not tell me why I should employ you. Why are you different? Which problems within my company can you solve? How is your MBA going to help mycompany?

See the difference?

An MBAby ItselfWont Get You Hired

Sorry, but it wont. Im not opposed to learning and self-development. In fact, I love it!

All Im sayingsay is that you need to work out the reason behind your decision to go for an MBA (or a similar degree/credential)because, often, the reasonwill turn out to beflawed. If a company doesnt think that you understand itsneeds or cansolve itsproblems, all the credentials in the world wont get you hired.

Before you commit to spending tens of thousands on a course, doyour homework. Answer this question: How will this course help you get ajob?

Investigate thedestinations of students who have completed the course. Did they get hired? How many months did it take? This information is usually called the destination rates of students, and many universities record this data. You should be able to find it with a little digging.

Also find out howmuch support thecareer department will give you. How many advisers does the program have? Are they overstretched for the number of students?

Beware of vague promises in advertising materials,such as two students who got their MBAs here now work at Google! Get the hard facts instead.

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Supplement Your MBA With a Strong Career Strategy

Ultimately, companies need to know that you exist and what you can offer them.


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