7 Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Employer Brand

7 Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Employer Brand
From Recruiter - September 22, 2016

1. Always Treat Candidates Well

I think it is important for employers to understand that, like it or not, the way they treat job candidates is part of the employer brand.

I advise employers keep their candidates up to date on their statuses in the process. Rejection is hard, but waiting is intolerable!

Chaim Shapiro, Touro College

2. Feature Real People in Your Branding Materials

Some employers get so caught up in looking slick and clean in their recruitment branding that they forget about their company cultures. When using realistic job previews, company information videos, or other collateral, use the real people in your company as part of the branding. The goal is to find more people like the great employees you already have. Capture that philosophy in your recruitment brand.

John Mauck, WLR Automotive Group, Inc.

3. Create Strong Career tracks

To encourage top talent to join your company rather than a competitors, you need to offer prospective candidates more than a better job. Top talent appreciates educational opportunities that allow them to improve their skill sets, and they want to know that a potential employer will provide the support necessary for them to build extensive career portfolios. Outstanding companies combine these opportunities with fast career tracks, giving employees more agency to take on bigger projects and move into management opportunities.

Taylor Dumouchel, Peak Sales Recruiting

4. Create LinkedIn Brand Continuity Company-Wide

Imagine looking at a hiring managers LinkedIn profile as you are doing research on a company as a potential employee. The first thing you see is a picture of that person standing in front of a bar with a bunch of alcoholic beverages while holding a drink in their hands.

This could be an innocent glass of water in a vodka glass, but theres a high probability that the brain will perceive that the hiring manager is at happy hour!

Now, thats not necessarily a bad thing, but the question is, how does that reflect on the overall corporate brand of the company?

To create LinkedIn brand continuity for the whole company, start by making sure your executive team updates their profile pictures and summaries. Theres nothing worse than a leader who leads by the old adage, Do as I say, not as I do.


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