How to Use Content to Build Your Personal Brand

How to Use Content to Build Your Personal Brand
From Recruiter - September 23, 2016

We often talk a lot about content in the marketing world. Broadly defined, content means creating and sharing relevant information. Itcan range from business-related articles and blog posts to videos and podcasts. Content can paint a picture of acompany, explain what itsells, create engagement, and do so much more.

Many companies also use content to build their brands. Engaging content can give potential customers great insights into what acompany offers, what it cares about,and what itstands for.

Content, however, is not just the domain ofcompanies. You, as an individual job seeker or professional, can use content to build your own personal brand as well.

Who Are You?

In order to figure out what kind of content you should create/shareand the approach you should take, you first need to figure out who you are. What do you stand for? What is your message going to be? What do you want people to know about you? What areas of expertise can you bring to the table?

For me, Im a people connector. Im a marketer. I connect the best and brightest candidates with the best and brightest managers for my company. I market our company as a best-in-class employer of choice to external candidates whomay be looking to make a move to a new, more exciting opportunity. Ive built my own personal brand around being knowledgeable in my craft andknowledgeable in the craft I recruit for. Marketing is a huge passion of mine, and I spend my free time researching trends; reading educational books, articles, and blog posts; andwriting articles such as the one youre currently reading. I love sharing the knowledge I learn.

Build Your Brand

Once youve established who you are and what your message is, its time to start building yourpersonal brand.

Get involved with social media by joining sites likeTwitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, andSnapchat. Join conversationson these platformsand get conversations going.


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