5 Eye-Opening Articles to Help You Onboard and Retain New Hires

5 Eye-Opening Articles to Help You Onboard and Retain New Hires
From Recruiter - September 28, 2016

Employee turnover continues to be one of the biggest concerns for HR professionals today. The bustling job market is wonderful for job seekers, but its not so greatfor the HR departments trying to keep employees at their organizations.

According to Deloittes Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report, many organizations are struggling withculture and engagement, leadership, and learning and development. These elements are crucial to onboarding and retaining talent.

What can HR leaders do to improve their organizations in these areas and prevent new hires from jumping ship?

They can start by checking out these fivearticles that outline both the impact HR leaders can have on retention rates and the ways in which they can improve the impressions their companies make during onboarding. Dont forget to take notes!

1. Why Everyone Hates Onboarding (and How to Make Everyone Love It)

In this article, Heather R. Huhman, founder of the HR tech PR firm Come Recommended, sheds light on the indifference leaders of the past have shown to the onboarding process and how todays HR pros can break free of that mindset to improve new hire retention through better onboarding. Huhman writes:

Online onboarding should be a priority, especially as the younger, tech-savvy generations enter the workforce. Moving beyond the traditional onboarding process will keep content fresh and give employees perks that in-person onboarding cannot.

We couldnt agree more, Heather. Onboarding should be about making the first day the best first day ever.

2. Dear New Employee: Do This, Not That

President of Element Three Tiffany Sauder offers practical leadership knowledge toinstill in both new hires and current employees alike. For example, Sauder suggests employees plan out their daily goals the night before to avoid the inevitable distractions theyllmeet in the morning:

Each and every day you come to work and let your inbox determine whats going to get done that day, you are letting go of your goals. It is incredibly easy to get sidetracked by last minute interruptions, and work will always expand to fill the time availableHave a vision for the day. Know what you want to get accomplished that day before you come in.

Thanks for the great advice, Tiffany! Well be taking it, starting now. Part of a great onboarding program is teaching your new hires how to best work within your organization. The sooner these sorts of expectations are set, the better!

3. Retain New Employees by Tapping Their Job Skills


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