Recruiter Top 10: HR and Recruiting Buzzwords That Actually Matter

Recruiter Top 10: HR and Recruiting Buzzwords That Actually Matter
From Recruiter - September 30, 2016

1. Artificial Intelligence

Although this term/concept has been around for a long time, its just now starting to build up some significant steam in HR and recruiting. Artificial intelligence will allow for massive automation across most industries; one could only imagine the impact it will have on recruiting.Early examples that are already catching on quite well for recruiting are bots and chatbots. These are computer programs designed to simulate intelligent conversation with one or more humans.

Dan Cohen, Director of Sales,

2. Rightsourcing

This is a great buzzword because it indicates that thought is required when deciding how to recruit. Insourcing or outsourcing is too vague a choice. Rightsourcing hints at a conscious evaluation of all options and choosing the right decision for your company on each hiring occasion.

Jason Lavis, Marketing Director, Natural Resource Professionals Limited

3. Data-Driven Recruiting

I believe that the concepts of data-driven recruitment and people analytics have been invaluable in empowering recruiters to embrace the data mindset that has transformed other departments, such as finance, marketing, and sales.

Similar to marketing and sales, recruitment has traditionally been considered a people-driven function where trusting your instincts was the accepted default. However, as advances in software have enabled businesses to collect more data more easily, sales and marketing departments have been able to use data-driven insights to both verify and disconfirm beliefs that were based on their guts feelings. These data-driven insights have empowered sales and marketing departments to become more strategic, efficient, and competitive, and they have allowed these departments to quantitatively prove their ROI.

Recruitment is currently undergoing the same data-driven transformation. Recruitment has always been a data-heavy function, but the concepts of data-driven recruitment and people analytics are changing the data-collection mindset into a data-insight mindset that believes this data can be leveraged strategically. For example, people analytics software now makes it possible to easily correlate pre-hire data (e.g., resume scores) with post-hire data (e.g., performance scores, turnover rates), which strategically aligns the recruitment function with business outcomes (e.g., increased revenue, lowered costs).

Ji-A Min, Head Data Scientist,

4. People

Buzzwords are semantics with impact. And yes, semantics matter, especially when it comes to attracting and motivating top talent.

Words like talent and analytics have crept into the everyday lingo of recruiters, and thats for the better. The best buzzword shift for the recruiting and human resources community, however, has been the evolution from the phrase human resources to the word people. Human resources implied a subordinatedifferent from and subject to managementwhereas the word people connotes true importance and unique individual contribution. Its positive to put people first, to put people over problems, or technology, or the bottom line. Resources seem dispensable, whereas people conveys a feeling of centrality and purpose.

James Celentano, Founder, EnterGain LLC

5. Employer Value Proposition

This buzzword educates employers in their own lingo, since the words value proposition have been around since the late 80s. Almost everyone takes the term value proposition seriously because it conveys a strategy.

Employers still touting their greatness as a key reason for prospective employees to join the firm arent going to stand out. However, employer value proposition implies that thoughtful, deliberate, and meaningful language is necessary for recruiting. It encourages employers to carefully craft messages that resonate with the types of candidates they want to hire.

Sonja Hastings, Sales Recruiter, Optimal Sales Search


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