The Best Career Management Advice You'll Ever Receive

The Best Career Management Advice You'll Ever Receive
From Recruiter - September 30, 2016

Its an activity most adults are familiar with: when its time for a job search and, therefore, time to get a resume together.

For many, just the thought of it alone produces anUgh! Its like having to construct your life history all at once, all from scratch. It feels like torture!

On top of that, memories are dicey. They are unreliable, which makes them less then ideal companions in the endeavor to present the best of yourself on paper to a prospective employer.

Therefore, this is one of the most important articles youll ever read addressing effective career management.

Dont Rely on Your Memory; Keep Track as You Go!

Please do not be the person who tries to sell all of their talent through the lens of a single-sheet resume constructed with shoddy memories. Dont let your memory be your only resource! It will not help you represent the best of yourself.

To stop underrepresenting yourself, putthese career management tips into practice immediately:

1. Keep Track of Your Job Experience ina Job Journal

Not only will this be extremely beneficial when its time to write a new resume, but itwill also begreat for your performance reviews. This is your memory bankon paper!

2. Try to Quantify What Youre Doing

That way, you can express your accomplishments and value at work in the form of hard data, which can be highlighted on your resume.


- XYZ project was completed three days ahead of time.
- The successful event was put together for $2,000 under budget.
- I saved a customer from going to a competitor, which saved us $X dollars.


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