7 Ways to Recruit Star Talent Using Social Media

7 Ways to Recruit Star Talent Using Social Media
From Recruiter - October 3, 2016

One of the biggest challenges for recruiters in recent years has been figuring out the most effective ways of attracting talent and making hires throughsocial media. There are so many approaches you could adopt that just staying on top of the optionsis a strugglelet alone actually mastering any of them.

As a sanity check, Im here today tocover brieflythe seven key ways you can better leverage social media to boost your hiring results. Those seven methodsinvolve:

Heres a taste of what your business or recruiting team should be focusing on in each of these seven areas. If youd like a more comprehensive rundown of social recruiting, check out Social-Hire.comssocial recruiting guide.

1. Using Social Recruiting Techniques to Boost Your Recruiting Brand and Attract Hires

Having a strong recruiting or employer brand on social media is important for two key reasons.

First, you can improve the returns you see on every recruiting activity you undertake if you establish yourself as a name that candidates know and respect. Candidates will be more likely to take your calls, reply to your InMails, and respond to your job ads if yours is a brand they have already warmed to.

Second, a strong recruiting brand on social media can be a new means of attracting candidate interest in its own right. Think of your social media followers as your talent pool and your advocate network. A company that wins a large following for its recruiting teams social media profiles has a ready-made audience of potential candidates whocan be enticed to submit their resumes in the future. This following canalso act as a network of people who believe in the business and who will be willing to share your openingswith their own networks, too.

(For more information on how to use social media to boost your brand, seemy regular briefings on social recruiting.)

2. Engaging With Influencers to Multiply the Reach of Your Messages

For most of our clients, this step will form part of their strategy to build astronger recruiting brand presence on social media, but its also a social recruiting approach that can be used in isolation.

The core idea to exploit is that there are already lots of people and organizations out there who have built sizable engaged followings of the exact types of people your business would like to recruit. To give you a simple example, sales software vendors and sales trainers both will have sizable followings of salespeople.

What you want to do isfind the influencers in your industry who also regularly re-share content and updates from other businesses. These are the people you want to build relationships with if you want tosee the reach of your recruiting brand skyrocket on social media. Reaching 20 or 30 times as many people as you have followers is something thats eminently achievable, which is why its worth your time cultivating relationships with influencers.

3. Using Targeted Social Media Advertising to Attract Your Ideal Hires

Novices pump vacancy alerts out across their Twitter streams or Facebook pages, not realizing that this makes them look desperateand harms their abilityto attract a loyal and engaged following of prospective hires. Think about it: Who wants their social media streams clogged with a barrage of untargeted job listings? Only the most desperate job seekersand who wants to attract that audience more than any other?

Pros realize that social media provides a means of defining the exact audience (passive and active candidates) that the business needs to reachand that they can pay to have hiring campaigns displayed only to that highly targeted audience. Better still, you dont have to become an expert at using the various social media advertising platforms yourself. There are plenty of specialists out there who will run your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on social media for you.


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