5 Ways to Show the Hiring Manager You're an Obvious Fit for the Job

5 Ways to Show the Hiring Manager You're an Obvious Fit for the Job
From Recruiter - October 12, 2016

When youre on the job hunt,your goal is to get hired. The only way to do that is to show the hiring manager that you are the obvious fit for the role.

To demonstrate your fit, you need to answer the question on every hiring managers mind during the interview: What problem would hiring you solve?

Here are five tips to help youanswer that question:

1.Use the STAR Formula

Interviewer will oftenk candidates problem-solving questions. These are questions meant to uncover how a candidate would handle a specific problem or situation at work.

When answering a rblm-lving qutin,you shouldml the STAR formula (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your answers. This formula allows you to describe relevant, work-related experiences and your problem-solving capabilities. Heres a closer look at how the formula works:

-Dfin th Prblm:Explain asituation you faced that w problematic. Why was it problematic? Whn d a situation r irumtn become rblmti? Wht factors mut b considered bfr th problem can be rrl nlzd?

- Drib the Prblm:Explain in dtil how u gathered dt, ft, nd other infrmtin in order to dvl a solution to the problem.

- Generate Pibl Slutin:Explain in dtil hw u gt to the hrt f the rblm, dtrmind th factors that ld t th rblm, and developed strategies t resolve it.

- Slt th Best Solution and the Action You Need to Take:Explain in detail hw you solved th rblm b describing why you h specific trtgi, xlining ur objective, illutrting hw u trnfrmd id int rtil lutin, nd outlining hw you fllwd u with wrkr. Additionally,xlin how u ndutd risk mngmnt.

- Explain the Ln You Lrnd:Exlin in detail what w mlihd nd which strategies rvd uful. Conclude ur nwr b xlining hw u dvld professionally frm th xrin nd wht u will do diffrntl in th futur.

At a minimum, ur answer huld introduce a rblm, xlin why the problem was hllnging, nd rvid a lutin toth problem.

2. Ak Grt Qutins

If uno when the interviewer asks if you have any questions for them, you are missing ut n a great rtunit t learn mr about th jb nd whthr or not thi i th opening for u. This is also a good timeto ask the hiring manager in-depth questions that will separate you from the competition.

Here are a few questions you should consider asking at your next interview:

- Is thi a nwl rtd position, r are u rling someone? Yu wnt to knw wh thr is a vn. Its a good sign if the person was rmtd nd a not-so-gd ign if they didnt wrk ut.

- What trngth d u bliv a uful person in thi itin huld hv?After youve gathered thisinfrmtin, you will b able to demonstrate that you havem f th trngth at the nd of th intrviw during your finl wr-u.

- What r some f th hllng in thi itin? Most jb hv some aspectsthat try your tlrn lvli.e., wrkld, hdul constraints, t. Be rrd: Th intrviwr may turn thi qutin bk onyou nd k you directly hw u wuld hndl th hllng.

- Cn u drib a typical day on the job? This questioncan be intrhngd with th previous one. Usually, an answer about common challenges may include a description of an average day, and vice versa.

- Whn d u ln t mk a decision but thi itin?This question willhelp you geta better id f whn u can xt to hr frm th employer. Thi information i uull offered, but if thinterviewer doesntmntin it, u n ask.

- Is there rm fr dvnmnt in th mn?This m m lik a tndrd, bring qutin, but u n hw that u know ur stuff by dlving a littl dr. Fr example, k thm if there i a clear-cut path fr rgrin r if it is mr f a case whereu can dvn whn mn lv nd creates a vacancy.

- How d you like working here?This question n ftn tk n intrviwr b urri, lding thm t giv you fr grtr inight thn they wuld if th had a fw tndrd lines prepared.

Its also important to avid huking questions lik When do I gt paid? and Hw mn vtin days d I gt? You n quite il find answers to these questionb calling the company bfr th interview nd requesting a copy f th mn hndbk If you do thi, be sure t mntin it during the interview.


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