Being Unemployed Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Be Working

Being Unemployed Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Be Working
From Recruiter - October 14, 2016

When someone is unemployed, they generally have a single goal in mind: to find a job. Unfortunately, even if you fully commit yourself to landing a gig, theres no telling when you might wind up at a new place of employment. According to Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder, More than 40 percent of unemployed job seekers have been out of work for six months or longer.

You could spend each and every day scouring job boardsand applying topositions for whichyoure perfectly qualified and still come up empty. Thats why simply searching for jobs isnt enough; you must do more than that.

During a periodof unemployment, you should really use the downtime to better yourself as a professional and make yourself more attractive to businesses.

Optimize Your Resume

When people go about building their resumes, they dont necessarily put a lot of thought into design. They simply condense their LinkedIn profile into a one-pagerthat can be passed around to various companies and interviewers. Predictably, when this approach is taken, nobody stands out. Each resume looks exactly the same, sounds exactly the same, and generally has the same information. There isnt anything memorable about your resume.

Its vital to make unique additions to your resume so that hiring managers will remember you when it comes time to start the interview process. Take for example what resume writing firm Novoresume put together for Elon Musk:

While Elon Musk doesntreally need a resume for any reason, what Novoresume has done is fit all of his accomplishments onto a single page (which is no small task), creating a standout one-sheet. This resume has color that pops off the page, and its organized in a way that showcases his career highlights, education, skills, and achievements.

Its safe to say that none of us have as many accomplishments to list as Musk does, but we can still follow this template. List your professional experiences in a way that stands out and will stick in someones mind.

Read, Read, and Read Some More

One of the most common questions candidates face during an interview is, What do you do to stay up-to-date on your industry? Youd better have a good answer! Simply responding with I like to check out Reddit or Flipboard isnt enough. You need to citespecific examples.Sites like For Entrepreneurs, Forbes, and LinkedIn Today are great places to start, as they all have name recognition and are trusted sources.


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