How to Answer the 'Why Should We Hire You?' Interview Question

How to Answer the 'Why Should We Hire You?' Interview Question
From Recruiter - October 18, 2016

A you sit dwn t prepare for n uming interview, it i imrtnt t understand tht th ntrl question the hiring mngr i tring to answer i, Wh huld I hire you? Yur objective i t mk nwring this qutin n easy task. You nd to mth ur qulifitin, u stories, and dutinl background t th particular job u r intrviwing fr. If u hv rrd fr the intrviw thoroughly nd have conducted th appropriate rrh, u will be bl to do thi mr ffiintl than ur mtitin can.

Jb interviews tnd t tr ut mt job kr.While its easy (and free) to find common interview questions all over th Internet orin any intrviw-related book t th library, its not th qutin that are theproblemits the answers. Mt jb seekers dnt have th faintest clue hw t go but answering interview questionsincluding that common and critical Wh should w hire u? question.

In fact, thatis often the question most dreaded b job seekers. Hw n rth d you respond t itdqutl?

The key is to frame ur response t thi question in a w tht allows you to ll urlf.

Tone and Body Language Matter

In n intrviw itutin, ur tn nd bd language are f rtiulr importanceespecially when it comes to the Why should we hire you? question.

Whrmn people fail i tht thir tn changes when th r kd a qutin tht they hv bn drding.That change uld tntill be dvtting t your hn f success.

Th key to a uful tn is to be itiv nd hw nthuim. Whtvr you say,it with a mil on your face. Smilingwill subconsciously fft the tone f ur voice, making you sound more engaged and confident.

Crafting the Right Answer

Beyond your tone and body language, the content of your answer must also be perfect.

You can start crafting an excellent answer by studying the job posting prior to the interview. Find out exactly what the employer is looking for in someone for this role. Your answer to Why should I hire you? should match th requirements listed in th job posting.

There are a few areas in particular that you want to focus on:

The Right Skill

Evr job requires m r skills. Hfull, u hv m r ll f th kill needed fr the jb. It is unusual for n ndidt tbe acomplete match for vr aspect of any job, so dont worry if youre missing a skill or two.

Nvrthl, bfr u r rrd to nwr th fundamental question, u mut undrtnd wht th employer is lking for in a candidate. If u hv xrin in the indutr, u r likl familiar with th ifi jb rquirmnt already. If you dont hv xrin or if u are a rnt grdut, thn find out wht kill r required fr th jb by studying the job post and asking rund.

If u dnt have th kill or are mking a rr hng, thn u have a few options:

- you canfocus on any transferable skills you may have that willbe relevant to the position;
- you can create a 30-60-90 employment action planto show the hiring manager how you plan on quickly gaining the skills you need;
- you can go back to school to gain the required skills before looking for another job like this.
- or you can instead look for an entry-level job where you can acquire the skills.

The Right Experience


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