Hello, Gen. Z: Attracting and Keeping the Incoming Workforce

Hello, Gen. Z: Attracting and Keeping the Incoming Workforce
From Recruiter - October 20, 2016

As the largest generation in the workforce, millennials get a lot of attention. Many companies only concern themselves with recruiting and retaining this coveted demographicbut this will soon be a mistake. Millennial is no longer synonymous with young and cool; theyre getting olderbuying houses, starting families, and moving on with their lives and careers. Theres a whole new generation on the scene, searching for employment, and its definitely something to be excited about.

Drumroll pleaseits time to welcome Gen. Z!

Gen. Z has incredible strengths. They grew up with technology, accessible information, and platforms to express their opinions. Theyre masters of aesthetic branding (think Instagram, not MySpace). They are dynamite, passionate team members. Perhaps most importantly, they are highly motivated and pursuelofty life goals. This is a population that knows that there is, in fact, a path to great success. Gen. Z understands that no goal is unattainable with the right strategy.

But theres an issue: All that passion and vigor means that Gen. Z doesnt want to stay in one position with one company for too long. They hope to reach their dream jobs within 10 years, so theyre moving onand moving on fast.

Even more telling, many Gen. Z-ers would prefer to work for themselves, with 31 percent of young women in the U.S. saying they would rather be entrepreneurs, according to a recent State of the Girl survey my nonprofit, the 1,000 Dreams Fund, conducted in partnership with and Toluna Quicksurveys.

So how can employers create workplace cultures that retain Gen. Z employees? It all comes down to one word: Loyalty.

Gen. Z employees, just like workers of all other ages, are more likely to stay with a company they can trust. Ensure loyalty by creating a company culture thats committed to the employee. Heres how you can do it:

Commit to Personal Development

If you want to keep Gen. Z, you need to show you support their lives as people and professionals. People naturally desire to learn about the world beyond the confines of their jobs or educations. 1,000 Dreams Fund is committed to helping students pursue their personal goals while focusing on their studies. We embrace their follow your dreams mentality by supporting their extracurricular pursuits outside the classroom with microgrants.

For Gen. Z, long-term dreams arent questions of what if? but of how soon? They want to check items off of their personal bucket lists, and they arent totally content when they arent pursuing their goals. That lack of satisfaction can fuel resentment toward their places of employment, which can lead to unexpected two weeks notices.

Employers should demonstrate genuine interest in Gen. Zs future achievementsacademic and beyond. Invest in certifications, further education, and memberships to organizations. Support your employees quests, and the rewards will be double-sided: Their feelings of personal fulfillment and accomplishment willimprove job performance and reduce turnover.


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