6 Recruiters Share the Reasons Why They Entered the Industry

6 Recruiters Share the Reasons Why They Entered the Industry
From Recruiter - October 20, 2016

1. I Wanted to Help People

My journey in human resources was not the traditional path. Pursuing my passion to help people by completing a bachelors degree in psychology, I soon become plagued by a question most graduates face: What do I do with this degree?

While deciding how to connect my education with a career, I gained valuable experience working with an agency supporting various clients on different HR-related projects. It was after the completion of my masters degree in business management that I decided to pursue a career in recruiting.

Connecting people with opportunities and building relationships with job seekers is what makes each day very rewardingas do understanding the challenges that job seekers face when going through the recruitment process and being part of the moment when you get to say my favorite words to them: We would like to offer you this opportunity.

Tiffany Gibson, Get the Job App

2. I Take Pride in Helping Companies Grow

The people we hire at Badger Maps are our most valued assets, and my job is to mine for diamonds. As recruiters, we require a unique skill set to be successful in the dynamic, fast-paced, and competitive software industry. Having an eye for talented and hard-working individuals is critical to our everyday activities, and as a social person, it was a great fit.

I took my first steps in recruiting at Badger Maps a year ago, and I take a lot of pride knowing that I can help a unique company grow in the most progressive fashion imaginable. We have built a strong community of colleagues and friends from around the globe, and as we continue to grow, we will continue to provide amazing opportunities to the strongest candidates who knock on our door.

Dave Lopes, Badger Maps

3. The Money Caught My Eye

The money is what attracted me and, for the most part, why I am still a recruiter. It takes a few years, but very quickly, you can out-earn your peers. There are also very few careers where you can set up your own company at 26 and grow that to have international offices within five years. My favorite part of the role is winning over a new client and really impressing them with our service.

Karla Jobling, BeecherMadden

4. I Wanted to Make a Difference


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