Trader Joe's: Home of the 18-Year Cashier

Trader Joe's: Home of the 18-Year Cashier
From Recruiter - October 24, 2016

Every other week, Imake aTrader Joes run on the way back from the beach. One recent visit in particular really got me thinking.

As I neared the cashier that day, she flashed a big beautiful smile and called out, Hi! Its so good to see you again!

Well, sister, its good to see you as well! I responded.

Then, I asked her about something I had heard before: Im a writer and have been examining high-performance cultures. Is it true that Trader Joes has an average employee tenure of 18 years?

Those are the young people, she replied. Ive been here for twenty years.

You love it? I asked.

I love working here! she replied.

What is so special about this place? I asked.

Her smile widened: Its like this. Everyone takes care of everyone else. Everyone pitches in. Our general manager doesnt pull rank on us. The other day, I came in and he was scrubbing the bathroom clean. He did it because he got here first. You know, when everyone works at the same level, its easier to be a team.

This down-to-earth, ego-free approach works. The generosity thatTrader Joesextends to itsworkers cascades directly out to the customers.

Why Does Trader Joes Produce an 18-Year Tenure?


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