New to Recruitment Marketing? Here's What You Need to Know:

New to Recruitment Marketing? Here's What You Need to Know:
From Recruiter - October 25, 2016

This would be the ideal situation from a recruiters point of view: They post a job ad and many talented people apply for the position.

When youre looking for candidates to fill entry-level positions, this may be what actually happens. However, if you want to attract talented individuals for the most important positions in anorganization, youll have to make greater efforts.

Joanna Colle, a recruiter at Careers Booster, sums it up this way: Todays job candidates know their strengths and are proud of their experience. The best ones can afford to make requests from an organization willing to hire them. They want to know about the flexibility and culture within the company, the team-building activities, and alltheperks you have over [your competitors]. That leads us to a single conclusion: Today, recruiters have to apply marketing practices to attract and retain the best candidates.

Recruitment marketing! Now were getting somewhere. A good recruiter doesnt stay passive, waiting for the brightest talent to show up at the door. They do everything they can to promote the companys projects and values and convince talented individuals that its the right place for them.

Recruitment marketing practices are great waysto attract and engage those desirable candidates who havent yet applied for a position in your organization.However, if youre new to the world of recruitment marketing, thenyou might need a little help getting started.

Heres a quickrundown of some critical tips for recruitment marketing beginners:

1. Recognize Active and Passive Candidates

Before you start with marketing practices, you have to identify your target audience. Who is supposed to receive your marketing message?

Active candidates are peoplewho are looking for jobs in your industry. Your recruitment marketing practices aimed at these candidates should focus on building brand awareness and promoting youropen positions. If you get your message far enough, the best active candidates will come to you.

Passive candidates already have jobs and arent searching for new ones, but you can still engage them with an efficient recruitment marketing campaign. The good news is that 85 percent of the workforceis open to hearingabout new opportunities, so you have a great chance of catching the attention ofpassive candidates. You can do that by spreading your organizationsmarketing messages, but also through direct contact via LinkedIn and other platforms.

2. Develop a Candidate Persona

Just as a marketer develops a buyer persona, a recruiter should create a candidate persona. Thats basically a profile of the skills, experience, and interests youre looking for in the perfect candidate. Maybe you want to attract more millennials, or you want to attractthe best talent from competitive organizations. Whatever the case is, you need to develop acandidate personathatwill give your recruitment marketing campaign its focus.


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