Hey Recruiters – Candidates Want More Than a Fat Paycheck

Hey Recruiters – Candidates Want More Than a Fat Paycheck
From Recruiter - October 26, 2016

The job market is constantly changing, and thepriorities of job seekers are changing along with it. A few years ago, candidates would choose career paths thatoffered stable and high-paying job options. Then, theyd work their way up the company laddercollecting pay raises along the wayuntil retirement.

For todays job seekers, however, theres more to it than salary concerns.

Recruiting Then andNow

As we can see from the conversations above, it takes more than a higher salary to get todays candidates to leave their current jobs for new companies. They wantroles that will challenge them, provide them with ample opportunities to learn new skills, and give them job satisfaction.

HelpCandidatesMake Good Decisions

A survey of more than 2,300 professionals conducted by job search website CV-Library found that 93 percent of employees feel more valued when an employer offers development opportunities.

Similarly, LinkedIns Talent Trends 2015 report found that while 49 percent of passive candidates look for higher salaries, 33 percent also look for better professional development opportunities when considering a new job.

Forrecruiters, this means it is more important than ever before to understand candidates backgrounds and skill sets. That way, recruiterscan guide them to jobs that offer the right opportunities for them.

Become a Skill Hunter

According to recruiting expert Greg Savage, todays recruiters must become skill hunters. Instead of simply waiting for job boards to bring them candidates, recruiters must proactively identify the right talent with the right skills. They have to find ways to reach out to talentand ways for talent to reach out to them.


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