Data Analytics: What Recruiters Can Learn From Sports

Data Analytics: What Recruiters Can Learn From Sports
From Recruiter - October 27, 2016

For a wide range of organizations, data-driven decision-making is the key to success. In particular, the world of sportsincluding the MLB, the NFL, and the NBAhas embraced data analysis, leaving behind the days whendecisions were made according to hunches. Now, coaches and managers regularly usedata analysis to see which players are truly helping them win.

Businesses can learn a lot from these sports organizationswhen it comes to recruiting new talent. Many similarities exist between the process of evaluating athletes and the process of evaluating job applicant.

How Data Changed Sportsand Can Change Recruiting, Too

In The Atlantic, Terrance F. Ross describes how things have changed in sports:

Once, the dominant way of judging how well a player or team would perform was the eye-testthe organic, gut-instinct impression that came simply from watching a game unfold. But that time has been replaced by an era in which coaches and their backroom staff pore over formulas and figureshow many mid-range jump shots a team uses versus attempts near the hoop, or how many three-point shots versus two-pointersto predict the most effective methods for winning.

The eye-test happens toperfectly describe how recruitment has traditionally worked. Recruiting and hiring decisions have always been subjective to some extent, but they dont have to be a crapshoot. Data analytics can yield valuable insights about whether or not someone is suitable for a given job. Recruiters have resume databases, personality evaluations, scientific aptitude tests, and a variety of other measurements at their fingertips. These sources make data analytics a perfect and easily implemented addition to the recruitment tool kit.

Data analysis offers a window into a candidates potential by examiningfacts aboutpast employee performance. For example, say an open job involves making tight deadlines andworking well with a team. Data analysis can look at the performance, personalities, and backgrounds of employees who held the role in the past, both successful and unsuccessful. From there, recruiters and hiring managers can get a good idea of what kind of person tends to be most successful in the role. They can then use this information to make better predictions about the candidates they meet with.

Data HelpsBut Its Not Perfect


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