11 Things You Should Assess in Every Cover Letter You Read

11 Things You Should Assess in Every Cover Letter You Read
From Recruiter - October 27, 2016

1. Make Sure Its Not Too Dense

My No. 1 pet peeve on cover letters is vertically dense pages with information dating back to the candidates first award in elementary school. It takes 40 minutes to read through. I dont really have that much time to read through this, and I dont really want to.

Pierre Tremblay, Dupray

2. Look for Personality, Promise, and Proof

Look for personality, promise, and proof. Any candidate that can break free of the I am writing to apply for mold, clearly articulate how theyd solve your problem, and provide evidence from their past that proves their abilities is well worth your time.

Why? Because the message reflects genuine interest. This candidate is not just shooting from the hip. Theyre invested in the opportunity; theyve done their research. Most importantly, theyve already visualized how they can create success for your team.

Erica Breuer, Cake Resumes

3. Is It Addressed to a Specific Person?

One of the biggest signs a candidate is worth interviewing is if they addressed their cover letter. This should be addressed to a specific contact name.

Dana Case,

4. How Proactive Is the Candidate?

Most applicants simply summarize their resumes in their cover letters. However, proactive individuals look for opportunities to provide value to a business before they have even been offered a job. One sign a candidate is worth interviewing is if they offer specific advice in their cover letter for how the business could improve and ways they could help. This not only shows they have researched the company, but also demonstrates their ability to take initiative and generate new ideas.

Bill Battey, Mindyra

5. Check for Core Values

I recommend hiring managers look for signs of a potential employees core values when assessing a cover letter. Employees can acquire new skills, grow in knowledge, and experience shifts in life circumstances, but core values never change which is why the most toxic and irreconcilable form of misalignment between a company and an employee occurs when the values of the organization and the individual are opposed.

Chanel Dokun, LifePlan NYC

6. Do They Have Communication Skills?

A cover letter establishes an applicants most fundamental formal writing skills. Writing a basic, single-page letter shouldnt be that difficult, and if an employee has a hard time communicating here, theyll certainly have trouble communicating in high pressure conditions, regardless of the position.

Adam Hatch,


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