Why Does My Resume Keep Getting Rejected?

Why Does My Resume Keep Getting Rejected?
From Recruiter - October 28, 2016

AtResumeSpice, weve seen a lot of resumes and counseled a lot of job seekers. One of the biggest issues our clients face is that theyre submitting resumes, but theyre just not getting any calls. Here are a few common reasons why that happens:

1. Youre Not Following Directions

This has less to do with your resume and more to do with your reading comprehension. Make sure you read through the entire job description. Sometimes, employers put instructions on how to apply at the very bottom of the description. They do that so they can automatically eliminate anyone who doesnt follow directions.

If the employer asks for you to submit a resume in .pdf format along with a list of references and writing samples to a certain email address with a specific subject line, theyre testing you. Make sure you pass the test by following the directions exactly.

2. Your Resume HasTypos and Improper Grammar

We know that mistakes happen. But when the only information an employer has about you is your resume, you want to make sure its working for you, not against you.

Read your resume aloud, have a trusted friend who is excellent with grammar and spelling proof it, or hire a professional resume writing service to create it for you.

No matter which avenue you take to ensure your resume is telling the right story, dont pass proofreading over. An extra ten minutes to reread your resume could be the difference between getting a call and not.


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