Who Should Be Your Reference?

From Recruiter - October 31, 2016

Getting to reference-checking stage of the interview process is exciting. You are so close to landing the job you can almost smell it!

But if you want theprocess to go smoothly andquickly, you need to be sure you provide the right references.

Recently, a job seeker reached out to me with a question:Ive been asked to provide references for an interview I attended last week. Whom should I give?

With references, you should provide the names of supervisors and managerspeople who can comment on your work style, performance, and strengths. Most hiring teams will not accept references from colleagues. Your most recent and most relevant roles are going to be of particular interestto the hiring team, so try your best to provide references from these roles. If you are uncomfortable naming anyone from your current role, let the hiring team know.

You can alsolook through your resume to find previous roles that correlate best with the role for which you are interviewing and offer references from these jobs.

Its important to note that deciding whom your references should be is only the first step. You also need to prepare those references for the process.


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