The Top 5 Unspoken Interview Questions Every Hiring Manager Wants Candidates to Answer

The Top 5 Unspoken Interview Questions Every Hiring Manager Wants Candidates to Answer
From Recruiter - November 1, 2016

Many people feel that if theyonly had some way to preview the interview questions before walking into a job interview, theyd surely ace them all andland their dream job. After all, its when youre caught unprepared by a question that you are most likely to look unprofessional, uniformed, or less skilled thanyou really are.

While no one canpredict the future, we actually can foretell the bulk of the questions youll be asked at any given interview. No matter how many different forms they may take when verbalized, the five questions below are on almost every hiring managers mind:

1. Can You Do the Job?

While no interviewer is going to come out and ask you this directly, this question is absolutely at the forefront of your interviewers mind. When your interviewer asks you questions like, Tell me about yourself or Describe your prior experience with this kind of work, what they arereally asking is whether or not you have the skills required to perform in the position.

You should be sure to respond to these kinds of questions with specific details about your work-related achievements. Never answer the Tell me about yourself question with vague generalities about your background and hobbies, nor should you respond to the Why should I hire you? question with a list of your positive personality traits. Aperfectly suitable answer would be more like this: I have a strong background in industrial mechanics, including experience with maintenance and repairs. I have also received recent training to update my skills to reflect the latest advances in technology.

2. Do You Have a Positive Attitude?

For many hiring managers, a positive attitude is more than a nice bonus to have in an employeeits essential. Positive people not only get along better with their coworkers, leading to greater team cohesion and productivity, but they also tend to be more capable and resilient problem-solvers.

During the interview process, its imperative that you show your interviewer you have a positive attitude. Dont just say you do. Use questions like What is your greatest weakness? and Tell me about a time that you failed as opportunities to demonstrate your upbeat, proactive spirit. Honestly recount your past mistakes, then talk about how you resolved them and the essential lessons you learned along the way.

Additionally, when you are asked to describe your past work experience, make sure that you say absolutely nothing negative about your prior employer or workplace. If your interviewer presses you to do so, politely change the subject after giving a brief, positive response.

3. Did You Research the Company?

How much research a candidate has or hasnt done before an interview absolutely matters to most hiring managers. Why? Its an excellent way to measure the interviewees dedication, interest, and ability to work independently.


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