When It Comes to Retention, Your Employees Are Worth the Risk

When It Comes to Retention, Your Employees Are Worth the Risk
From Recruiter - November 1, 2016

There was a time when workers stuck with one company for their entire career. Employers are lucky these days if they can hang on to top talent for more than a couple of years.

From the business side, it seems like employees can always find a better offer at some competitor or another. The truth is, many companies worry about taking risks by offering higher salaries and better benefits. What if they end up with no return on their investment?

The fact is that instead of letting talent jump ship and make money for a competitor, businesses must focus on providing corporate cultures and benefits package that inspire loyalty. If that means taking a risk, then the risk is worthwhile.

What Workers Want

There are a number of benefits employees want that arent too difficult for employers to implement.

It may be obvious, but the option to work anywhere is a benefit that really resonates with our employees, says Ramon Chen, chief marketing officer at software developer Reltio, a company that prides itself on providing a positive corporate culture for its employees. And it allows us to draw from talent across the nation, as well as overseas. But of course, we also offer the stability and discipline of an office environment for the employees who prefer it.

Offering flexible work schedules requires a bit of trust, but Chen believes it is worth it.

Time is importantperhaps more so today than ever before, he says. We trust employees to work during the hours that suit them and remove the requirement to commute everydayan alluring perk in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Besides letting employees work in their own space and on their own time, employers can increase employee happiness by letting workers bring their own devices via a BYOD policy.

BYOD is becoming more common in tech companies today. At Reltio, we enable our employees to choose their own devices, including mobile phones and laptops. Theres no company-dictated standard, Chen says. We encourage employees to use what theyre most productive and comfortable with. For a small company, this might present an administrative and security overhead, but giving employees the tools theyre familiar with and like goes a long way towards having them feel comfortable.

Yesterdays Policies

Many businesses struggle to implement newer policies because they continue to offer benefits solely because they are the type of benefits that have always been offered.


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