5 Simple Ways to Create a Productive Home Office

5 Simple Ways to Create a Productive Home Office
From Recruiter - November 3, 2016

Do you work from home? Youre not alone. Research published just last year found that 45 percent of U.S. employees work from home and 53 million people work as freelancers, contributing $715 billion to the entire economy. Wow! With the traditional 9-5 becoming a thing of the past, home working and flexible work schedules arethe new norm.

But if youre finding it hard to stay motivated and get things done when youre in your home office, dont panic. Today, Im here to discussfive of the best ways to create a truly productive home working spacewith a little helpfrom Courtney Lake, interior design expert at Pottery Barn.

1. Be Regimented

Do you wake up at 10 A.M., have a bath, put the radio on, make coffee, and finally log on to your computer at 11:35? Weve probably all been guilty of it, but is it the best way to be productive? Probably not.

One really great way to keep on top of things when youre working from home is to be organized and regimented. Treat it like you would a jobplot your day out from start to finish and track your progress as you go along. Of course, thats not to say you shouldnt have the odd day where you let things slide a little; just dont let it become a habit.

2. Invest in Comfort

For Lake, stylish, functional home office furniture is really important.

Your furniture needs to look good and feel good, he says. While aesthetically-pleasing furniture might seem a nice-to-have, it can actually really help in making you feel more engaged and driven.

Pottery Barn has created an interactive resource all about how to work from home productively.It can be a great toolfor upping your home office game.

Working well depends, first and foremost, on how and where you sit, Lakeadds. Find a spot with plenty of natural light, as well as a clear and level work surface that allows you to keep your forearms level and your feet on the ground. Choose a chair that gives your back firm and comfortable support. Its all about making your desk a pleasant place to be.


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